Kevin Bryant, CEO, Art Director

Conversions Global Marketing

Conversions Global Marketing was founded by graphic design powerhouse and visionary Kevin Bryant. Kevin, who revels in his portfolio reflects nearly 20 years of experience having done work for major companies including Monsanto, Anheuser-Busch, Jones Lang LaSalle, Diadora, Grace Hill Health Centers, Harris Stowe State University, Family & Workforce Centers of America and Grammy-award winning superstar Nelly.


Mr. Bryant has managed over $10 million in projects that span a range of industries including Consumer Brands, Entertainment, Government, Sports, Nonprofit Organizations, and Education as well as Travel and Hospitality Industries.


A creative marketing firm at its core, Conversions tackles the growing impact of diversity on brands by merging local action with global thinking. Because we believe that it is better to steer than to follow, we create proactive campaigns for our clients that reflect the ever changing global demographic through research and anticipation not reaction and assimilation.


Our experienced team encompasses expertise in advertising, design, journalism, marketing, promotions, and digital communication across all channels, each with a flair of insight for effectiveness unbound by locality or convention.  


We pride ourselves on our ability to keep our client’s goals at the fore of our ambition as we begin the fiery process of creating memorable messages and unforgettable campaigns that inform and inspire.